worshipWe are young and we are old. We are life long Episcopalians and we are brand new to the Church. We are from Georgia and we are from New York. We are conservative, moderate, and liberal.

We are St. Michaels Episcopal Church.

It’s important to know that we are a parish (church) in the Diocese of Georgia and that as Episcopalians, we are members of the worldwide Anglican Communion with over 70 million members, making us the third largest body in Christendom (all of Christianity.

But the most important thing anyone can know about us is that we are united to one another through our Baptism and our love for each other and for God who has uniquely created each of us, redeemed us from our brokenness and despair, and continues to give us strength, hope, challenge, and joy.

We have been in Waynesboro, Georgia for over 100 years, but in many ways we are just beginning. You are warmly invited to discover who we are through the pages of this website and in person. Our goal is to be the smallest big church we can be. What does this mean? We want to offer through worship, service, mission, education, nurture, and fellowship the same things churches 10 times our size offer without losing the intimacy and familial nature that largely defines us. We don’t let our size limit us, rather we embrace what God has called us to be – a small big church instead of a big small church.

To discover who we are, we ask you to explore us through our pages on faith, worship, what we do, and more, to start with and then come see us in person. We do not practice high pressure evangelism. If you join us in worship or on Wednesday, you will not be harassed, but you will be welcomed and enjoyed. Faith is the most important thing a person can have and we don’t think it should be an impulse decision. So, take your time here and take your time with us in person. We’ve been here for over 100 years, and we plan to be here 100 more.